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How to Be in the Moment

What does it mean to be in the moment? How can you learn to be truly present rather than simply getting through another day on automatic pilot?

Truly today isn’t simply one more day. It is the main day that you can depend on. There are no certifications about tomorrow or the following day. We, as people, plan and the universe giggles. The minute you are in is the blessing and your best reaction is to be available to whatever “is” today. The rest is before or in your desires and dreams about what’s to come.

Life has a method for meddling with your musings of what is to come. Glance around and absorb the present by taking at the time and enabling yourself to Be Here Now, as Ram Dass expounded on in his now notable book.

Experiencing comes choosing not to move on and concentrating on what’s to come. By becoming involved with the blemishes of minutes and neglecting to completely grasp the present and coordinate it into each aspect of our being, we ransack ourselves from completely encountering any single occasion. Being at the time further empowers us to value each minute to its fullest potential, bringing about increasingly significant objective setting and extreme accomplishment.

Tragically a significant number of us live in the haziness of yesterday and the longing of what may be. The breath is the vehicle that encourages us back to the now. At the point when we go to our ‘faculties’ we are allowed to encounter ourselves in the present. Concentrating on our breath so as to recenter our physical selves and in following our enthusiastic and mental selves, prompts our increasingly ideal working and generally satisfaction.

Being at the time isn’t tied in with doing anything specifically. It is tied in with having the option to do the dishes, overlay the clothing, spend time with companions and realize that this day, at the present time is remarkable. This minute is uncommon and will never come back again, nor will it ever be the equivalent.

The gift is taking in the sweetness of whatever lies before you today. Being at the time is tied in with being appreciative for this breath, for this minute and filling your psyche and heart with appreciation for the miracle of now.

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